Additional services

Office and conference room rental

We arrange rental of a short-term daily office and a meeting room in our centre. Wireless internet access free of charge.

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Phone services

We will arrange an assignment of individual phone and fax number, clearance in the name of your company, VoiceMail etc.

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Turnkey company foundation

Using the foundation of turnkey company you can save your precious time and avoid lenghty burreaucratic process we will take care of for you. 

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Legal  services

We ensure legal consultancy in business matters to our clients.

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Company liquidation and crisis management

Company liquidation is one of the forms of cancelling business companies. We can handle even this process for you.

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Accounting and tax services

We offer accounting and tax services, next to that we dodále audit, processing of evidence and statisctics of INTRASTAT and more. We proceed financial and tax agenda also in Eglish and German.

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Representation at the offices

We are able to ensure you a representation in administrative matters based on a power of attorney.

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General meetings organization

According to your demand we will organize a general meeting for you.

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Data box administration

It will be our pleasure to take care of your your data box administration.

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Complete service pricelist

All services are provided standardly on working days from 8AM to 7PM.

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for instance, following companies
used our services all reference
  • obr.: NFZZ
  • obr.: O
  • obr.: LightGate
  • obr.: M.R.C. Pharma s.r.o.
  • obr.: APSAZ Company